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Wayuu Backpack (English Blog)

Mochila Wayúu (Backpacks): A piece of Folklore from Aboriginal Cultures

Wayúu people is a matriarchal based, indigenous community that settled centuries ago in the Colombian desert region of peninsula f La Guajira, and also the bordering state Zulia (Venezuela).

Mochila Wayúu -Backpacks- are one of the most popular and handicraft made by aboriginal women, due to the wide use of these garment along the region, and nowadays across the seas.

The bags are known as the maximum expression of the ethnic fabric. Through these, they express the way they perceive life and expect out of it.

100% handmade, each piece can take up to 20 days to be completed with needle and crochet spider style techniques or “Wale’ Kerü” in their language, using colorful colored yarns, cotton, wool, and acrylic threads (partially Spanish introduced materials) to achieve meaningful patterns, styles, and designs.

The Mochilas Wayúu are beautiful and versatile, perfect for a gift, high in quality and duration, fit for everybody, and for all occasions. You won’t find two of the same since each backpack is 100% handmade to represent culture and tradition by creativity.

By acquiring a Wayúu backpack, you are Directly supporting the Wayúu indigenous community.

In Crafts Colombia, you can select from a wide catalog of original bags, safely purchase and easily receive the handicraft at a fair price. We have lengthy experience connecting tenths of national artisans, with customers inside and outside Colombia.



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